GUE Project Rossarol

From 19 to July 26, 2014,10 GUE Tech 1 and Tech 2 trained divers stayed in Krnica, Croatia to participate in GUE Project Rossarol 2014. During this week they tried to unravel the secrets of the Cesare Rossarol shipwreck. The idea of starting this project came from the dGUE Project rossaroliscussion we had on board during one of the exploration weeks organized by Maurizio from Krnica Dive. After a fantastic dive on the Rossarol we decided to make a plan to avoid the wreck being robbed from all its details and monitor its condition over time.

De Cesare Rossarol was a light cruiser of the Italian Navy. Originally the Rossarol was 85 meter long steamship which was launched in 1914 from the yard of Gio. Ansaldo & C. Genoa, Italy. November 1915, the fast steamship was inaugurated. With three boilers and two turbines the engine produced 24,000 horsepower towards the shafts. While using the two drive shafts with 3 blade propellers the Rossarol could achieve a speed of 32 knots. (Almost 60 km/h.)


More info about the project and RN Cesare Rossarol you can find here