5 days 10 wrecks 2020

5 Days 10 Wrecks is a very popular dive week in Krnica.
Our goal is to do 10 Tech 1 level dives over 5 days period on the wrecks in the area.


Usually, we include also dives on the wrecks that are not so close to Krnica like Romagna or Numidia.
Next year's program includes diving on Baron Gautsch, John Gilmour, Constantinos, Vis, Luana, Pascoli and some others.
For this year we are planning the following dates


30 May to 6 June

5 to 11 July

29 August to 4 September


The package cost for the boat with equipment rental is 750 euros.

The additional cost is gas fills, sofnolime, and accommodation.

For any further info send us an emai