GUE Recreational diving week

11 – 18 July 2020


A special week dedicated to GUE recreational divers of all levels. From Rec1 Fundy to Rec 3 divers.

Over 5 days period, we plan to do 10 dives, mostly on nitrox but also including some tmx dives for Rec 2 and Rec 3 divers.

We plan to dive a bunch of exiting reefs in Krnica area including Galiola reef and Cathedral on Premuda island.

Also, we will dive some shallower wreck dives like Giuseppe Dezza, Lina, Baron Gautsch, Constantinos.

All dives will be guided by an experienced GUE recreational level instructor.


You will need to be in Krnica on Saturday 11th July. Diving starts on Sunday 12th July.

Accommodation is organized in Apartments in Krnica.


Package cost for this trip is 950 Euro

This is including all boat fees, all nitrox fills and accommodation is double/twin rooms.

The additional cost would be tmx gas fills.


For more info please contact us on email