Exploration week 2022

After great diving, we head past years on Premuda island wrecks we plan to go back.

In 2022 we will also go for some new wrecks south from Premuda island and Dugi Otok island

the dates are


9 - 16 July -  full

We will do one dive a day for 5 days.

Wrecks we plan to dive are HMS Aldenham, SS Pascoli, UJ 201- ex Egeria and some new wrecks in the Dugi Otok area...

All dives are in 65 to 95 meters range


The cost for 5 days of diving is 1280 euro. This includes also equipment rental and food on the boat and accommodation.


The additional cost is gas fills and sofnolime,
There is a max number of 6 divers for this trip.

For additional info please contact us at info@krnica.com